NEW Summative Assessment Bundle

NEW Summative Assessment Bundle

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This bundle deal contains the Super Summative Assessment and Progress Check at Age 2 packs. Buy them together and save £6 off the price of buying them individually.

Super Summative Assessment Pack

This kit contains all the tools you need to sum up a child’s development and achievements, right from when a child starts with you, all the way until they leave to go to nursery or school. From ‘All about Me’ forms, starting points, transition and report templates as well as sample reports, tips and of course a gap tracker for when you need it.


  1. ‘All About Me’ form templates for parents to complete giving you lots of useful information about their child before they start in your setting.
  2. ‘Starting Points’ template for you to record your own initial observations of the child and share them with parents – helping get your partnership with parents off to a good start.
  3. Yearly report templates which build up to tell the ‘story’ of each child. These include a poem written exclusively for Kids To Go by a published children’s author. Each report also has space for the parents to fill in what their child has been doing at home to help you make sure that you are providing the best Cultural Capital for each child.
  4. Transition to School’ report template to help you provide useful and professional information when the child moves onto another setting.
  5. Information Sharing Permission form to use if you decide that you need to share the information with other professionals.
  6. Ultimate Gap tracker, designed to help you quickly and easily spot any gaps in a child’s development.
  7. A guide and tips on how you can use all the tools to very quickly and easily to record any information that is genuinely useful and use the tools to promote partnership with parents and other professionals.
  8. Sample Reports to give you ideas of how to write your own if you get stuck.

Progress Check Pack

This pack fully supports you to complete your progress check at age two.

If you receive no help from your local authority this pack helps puts you in the driving seat of the whole information-sharing process and allows you to treat any external support you may get as a bonus rather than something you are counting on.  

The pack contains:

Introduction for the Childminder. This document fully guides you through a simple five step process for completing the progress check.

Guidance Notes about what you might observe the children doing, examples of what you might write on the report in relation to this and ideas to include as next steps.

Progress Check report template. This has been reformatted to complement the Super Summative Assessment Pack which it complements.

Letter to parents. A template for you give to parents with background information on the report and arranging a meeting.


N.B This pack is supplied as a downloadable PDF document. If, once you have downloaded your product, you would prefer a Word version please contact and we will send you one free of charge. 

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