Refund Policy

1. This policy sets out the returns policy for goods or services purchased through the online store operated by Kids To Go.

Our products are all downloadable PDF's which are available to you as soon as you make a payment. This means that they are not eligible for a refund as they cannot be returned. PRODUCTS ARE NOT SENT BY POST. However, we will either refund or replace the product in the following circumstances:

1. The download is faulty meaning that you cannot open the document. In these circumstances please contact me and I will email you a replacement copy.

Please contact us on We can also supply your product as Word documents if you have trouble with the PDF versions.

2. The download is faulty and although you can open the document it does not open properly meaning the content is inaccessible. 

Please contact us on We can supply your product as Word documents if you have trouble with the PDF versions.

3. The product does not match the description on the website. 

If you think the item was not as described in the item description, please contact us first before requesting a refund as we may be able to resolve your problem to your satisfaction.

If you haven't received a refund yet where we have told you we have issued one, please check your bank account or card statement to make sure it hasn't been received and then contact your bank as some banks or card companies take a number of days to credit your account.

If an item you purchased was purchased with a discount voucher, then we will only refund the amount that you paid (and not the amount the item was listed for).

4. You accidentally order two of the same product at the same time.

You are not entitled to a refund if:

You are not entitled to a refund if: You do not cancel your Childminding Best Practice Club Membership before it renews. Please make sure that you make a note of when your membership is due. (This is the same date that you joined each year. For example if you join on the 15th of March 2022 your renewal date each year is 15th March.)  I send out renewal reminders a few weeks before your membership is due to renew to give you time to cancel your membership if you wish to. You can do this yourself or email me at and I will do it for you. 

2. If you cannot find the files on your computer. When you place an order you are automatically sent a download link and have immediate access to your product. Please check your junk email folder or email me at and I will send you replacement copies. I am NOT responsible for:

a) You providing an email that does not work.

b) You not checking your product and not emailing me for a replacement if there is a problem.

c) You not receiving your product on time. Products are sent out IMMEDIATELY. It is your responsibility to provide a working email address and check your emails, including your junk email box for your download link. If you cannot find it, it is your responsibility to email me for a replacement product before you need it.