About Us

Kids To Go is run by Jennifer Fishpool. Jennifer has been an outstanding childminder and Early Years Educator for many years. She comes from an arts and teaching background and has worked in a wide variety of different settings. She believes there is no better setting for young children than at a childminder so is passionate about helping childminders and promoting the profession. 

Kids To Go was started by Kay Woods in 2008 to sell childminding products. The first product was a contracts, policies and forms which she sold as Word documents to fellow childminders.  With the launch of the EYFS, she introduced the 50 EYFS Art Projects CD, combining art projects with simple, guided EYFS observations.

The products proved very popular, and good reviews from childminders encouraged Kay to create more easy-to-use products which she developed with the help of the children she was looking after. Her most unique product is the Diversity Awareness Pack, launched in 2012. The product took two years to make with the help of the children and many experts. Kay feels that making young children aware of ‘differences’ by talking about them is one of the most important positive contributions that childcare providers can make and is proud that she launched one of the very first resources in diversity aimed at Early Years providers.

In 2012, the Forest Childcare Association was launched. It's aim: to encourage pre-school childcare providers to spend as much time as possible with young children in the great outdoors. Then in 2016 the Childminding Best Practice Club was started. It aims to help childminders with themed monthly packs, new ideas and challenges childminders to continually improve the ways they work with children.

In 2022 Kids To Go held their first ever 'National Childminders' Day,' to promote the fantastic career of childminding, bust a few myths about childminding and spread the word about what childminders actually do. 

Today the Childminding Best Practice Club and the Forest Childcare Association are both going strong, now led by Jennifer. Jennifer continues to provide new, creative and helpful products for childminders, such as the Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit. Not just to help childminders with Ofsted inspections, but also to inspire them to excel in the vitally important work that childminders do: looking after the next generation.

You can also find us on Facebook at 'Kids To Go', and on our information website at childmindingbestpractice.com