NEW Forest Childcare A - Z of the Seashore

NEW Forest Childcare A - Z of the Seashore

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Do you live near the sea? Do you ever take the children on outings to the beach? As well as fun activities like building sandcastles do not overlook the possibilities you can find in the margins between sea and land. The seashore is a brilliant place to explore with your children with all sorts of things to discover and investigate.

The NEW Forest Childcare A-Z of the Seashore is an A-Z with a difference. As well as a printable A-Z seashore themed chart to display in your setting it contains an alphabet of 26 pages, full of fascinating information about lots of different things that you can find on the seashore, as well as over forty six different ideas for things you can find out about, learn or do.

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With inspiring sea-shore related ideas for every letter of the alphabet you can:

Create seashore related artwork

Discover how goose barnacles got their name

Learn how crabs grow and shed their shells,

Find out what dulse is and which seaweeds grow in which tidal zones

Try out being a seashore engineer

Learn which seaside flower is mentioned in Shakespeare

Explore the differences between gulls and gannets

Hunt for fossils and different minerals

Build islands with watery moats

Create, watery, swirly jellyfish

Make a kite

Draw maps

Create sand sculptures and colour in mermaids

Find out about the Roman god of the sea

Join in with octopus themed crafts

Explore patterns

Have fun on a pebble hunt

Investigate rockpools

Learn about who the selkies are

Go on a treasure hunt for sea-glass

Find out what a sea mouse is

Discover different types of sea shells

Look for different types of wading seabirds

Make a beach xylophone

Make a boat

and more!

Also included in the pack is an A-Z chart for you to print and display to remind you of all your adventures as well as other resources, such as colouring sheets and spotting cards to help you enjoy your seashore outings with your children.

54 Pages

This pack is supplied as a downloadable PDF and Word File.