UPDATED Contracts, Policies and Forms BASIC Pack 2024

UPDATED Contracts, Policies and Forms BASIC Pack 2024

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Quick Description:

Having a clear and robust childminding contract and policies is vital to the smooth running of any childminding business and can help prevent unwanted situations and misunderstandings between parent(s)/guardian(s) and childminders.

This pack contains a fully updated contract, complemented and reinforced by specially written policies. Also included are lots of useful forms for you to use in your business as well as information about the sort of paperwork you will need.

There is no need to buy repeated contracts. You can print the contracts in this pack as many times as you need.

Last updated January 2024

More Information: 

All the documents in this pack are presented in a clean and professional way. They are editable so that you can add adapt them to your own needs and add your own logos if you wish. The following documents are included:


A complete contract with accompanying notes to help you complete it. All written in clear and easy to understand language.

The contract contains everything you need including (but not limited to):

Space to record your details, the child’s and the parent(s)/guardian(s) details.

Space to record important information such as emergency contracts and who has parental responsibility.

Organised sections helping you clearly set out financial information such as fees, funded places, deposits or retainer period charges.

Space to clearly record a child’s normal contracted hours, including space to record contracted hours for children whose parent(s)/guardian(s) work shifts.

Clear information about when and how the contract can be cancelled, including when an immediate termination of contract may be required.

Policies and Additional Information:

This document includes 20 individual policies written by experienced childminders to help cover the eventualities that may occur in the running of your childminding setting. They are written in clear, easy to understand paragraphs and separated into clear sections where necessary to make it easy for you to find and communicate the required information to parents. 


Help parents understand key details

To ensure that families grasp the essential aspects of your policies, I have introduced a new 'Key Points' section at the end of many of the longer policies. These lay out the main parts of the policies that you absolutely need parents to understand.

Additional information about how to run your setting on a Best Practice basis

In addition to the new 'Key Points' section there is also a new 'Notes for the Childminder' section. This section contains lots more information about some of the longer policies, such as the legal basis for some of the procedures. This information will help you understand why certain pieces of information have been included and the reasoning behind some of the procedures described. Even if you decide that you do not want policies other than those you have to have this enables you to adjust the policies so they are tailored to your own setting and way of doing things. 

The information in the pack also serves as a valuable training guide, empowering you to embrace a Best Practice approach to every aspect of your setting. Whether you're a pre-reg or recently registered childminder, or simply seeking to refresh and improve your practices, this guidance offers sensible advice and valuable information to support you.

The following policies are included in the BASIC pack:

Section One: Essential Childminding Policies

This section contains the policies directly mentioned in the EYFS and in the Ultimate Childminding Checklist, including the policies you legally MUST have.

PLEASE NOTE: This BASIC version of the pack does not contain a safeguarding policy. There is a comprehensive safeguarding policy with complete guidance on how to adapt it so that it is tailored exactly for your setting and LA (as required by the EYFS,) available as part of the new 3 in1 Safeguarding pack or a part of the GOLD version of the Contracts Policies and Forms pack.

This section includes:

1)         Complaints Policy

2)         Failure to Collect a Child Policy

3)         Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy

4)         Illness and Medical Policy

5)          Administering Medicine Policy

6)          British Values Policy

7)          Data Protection Policy including Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy

Section Two: Policies to use in conjunction with the contract

Policies that are extremely useful to use to reinforce your contract.

8)           Fees Policy

9)           Food and Drink Policy

10)         Achieving Positive Behaviour Policy

11)         Settling in Policy

12)         Working with Parents Policy

13)         Late Collection Policy

14)         Missed Sessions Policy

Section Three: Other Useful Childminding Policies

15)         No Smoking or Vaping Policy

16)         Visitors Policy

17)         Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy

18)         Nappies and Toilet Training Policy

19)         Intimate Care Policy

20)         Health and Safety Policy


This pack contains lots of useful forms for you to use in your childminding setting. From risk assessment and accident report forms to observation templates and sleep monitoring charts.

Fire Drill Record Form

Ratio Planner - NEW

Attendance Log - NEW

Baby Sleep Monitoring Chart - UPDATED

Cleaning Schedule

Continual Professional Development Log

Daily Activities- week plan

Daily Care Sheet - UPDATED

Holidays Form

Permission for a special day trip

Weekly menu planner

Risk Assessment Form

Risk Assessment Form - EXAMPLE

List of risk assessments


N.B This pack is now supplied as a downloadable PDF document and a downloadable Word document. You will receive an email with links for your downloads as soon as you have paid for your order. If you have any problems please contact jennifer@kidstogo.co.uk and I will help.

Products ARE NOT sent out by post.


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    I like the clear and easy to understand paragraphs. Over the past couple of years my sickness policy has got very much confusing and too many paragraphs/rules etc. this has certainly helped me to refocus and explain things clearly and to the point.’ Simone