UPDATED The Ultimate Childminding Checklist UPDATED for January 2024

UPDATED The Ultimate Childminding Checklist UPDATED for January 2024

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Quick Description:

The Ultimate Childminding Checklist is an essential tool for every childminder. Completely updated to meet all the NEW EYFS for childminders 2024 standards.

This resource should be in every childminder’s toolkit. The pack now contains four checklists in one:

  • 89 things you MUST be doing to meet the EYFS requirements Checklist
  • Working With Assistants Checklist
  • Countdown to your Ofsted Inspection Checklist
  • Outstanding Checklist

More Information:

89 Things you MUST be doing to meet EYFS Requirements

Do you ever worry or think, ‘what do I HAVE to do as a childminder?’ Do you ever wish that there was a simple list that told you exactly what you must do? This checklist is designed to make sure that you are fulfilling all the day to day requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) for childminders.

This checklist removes the guesswork and presents a simple list telling you exactly what you SHOULD be doing at your setting. It takes the requirements listed in the 2024 Statutory Framework for the Foundation Years (EYFS) for childminders and sets them out in a way that is simple to understand and keep track of.

It is set out in sections relating to the:

1)           Learning and Development Requirements

2)           Assessment Requirements

3)           The Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

Each section lists everything you MUST legally be doing, along with the reference to where it is mentioned in the EYFS. 

The checklist is not just a tick list but also contains a huge wealth of information to help you understand exactly what you need to do. There is guidance from experienced childminders for each of the 89 things in the list to help you understand exactly what you need to do. There is also lots of additional information and ideas about how you can demonstrate ‘Best Practice.’

You may find that you can tick most of the items off straight away. If you find that you are missing things, this tool helps you make sure they are all in place.

NEW 'Working with Assistants Checklist

The new EYFS for childminders contains LOTS more information about working with assistants but they are woven throughout the official document. To make things easy I have collated this information and included it in a new section of its own.

Count Down to Your Ofsted Inspection Checklist

This is a shorter checklist which counts down from a three-month starting point giving you tasks to complete or tick off so that you have done everything you need to do and are ready for your inspection. It contains:

Things you can do to show ‘Best Practice’ as well as things you ‘must’ be doing.

A paperwork checklist to make sure you have all the documents you need in the right places.

Three-month, two-month, one month, one week and on the day lists.

Help! My Inspection is Tomorrow Checklist

Left everything to the last minute?  Don’t panic! You can use the helpful, short, and concise checklist. This will help you to do the best you can!

Outstanding Checklist

How to be an Outstanding Childminder.

If you are hoping to be one of the childminders who achieve outstanding, then this list is a useful tool.

If you are hoping to achieve outstanding, then you must work at it. This checklist is designed with more of a workbook structure to complete over time.

It helps you reflect on why your setting could be outstanding and gets you to think of things you may have forgotten. You can use it to write out ideas for improvements to the way you do things at your setting. Use it as a place to consider your Continual Professional Development (CPD) requirements and training.

Ultimately you can then use it to brainstorm things that you will want to remember to show off to the inspector with on the day.


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  • Reviews


    ‘It’s so organised and easy to follow.’ Helen 

    ‘This has been a great pack for me to work through - going into my first OFSTED inspection a with much more confidence!! It really helped me get prepared.’ Claire

    ‘I just got Outstanding from Ofsted, your checklist really helped.’ Bee

    ‘I found it very useful easy follow and it made the whole (inspection) experience stress free knowing that I had everything in place.’  Wendy

    ‘It was so good to have everything explained in plain English.’ Clare  

    ‘There are so many conflicting ideas, it is nice to just have one set to follow. Saves me some precious time with my family.’ Deborah

    ‘Everything is clearly headed and in easy to understand sections. It's made my paperwork so much easier. Worth every penny.’ Jenny

    ‘Your list was brilliant and made the inspection relatively painless as I felt I was as prepared as I would ever be.’ Lyn

    ‘I bought the pack last night and after going through the checklist I am a lot more relaxed and at ease knowing I'm doing what I should be... Not stressed over paperwork anymore.’ Vicki