14. Childminding Colouring Pack

14. Childminding Colouring Pack

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No more meaningless colouring in.

Do you have children that like to colour in but worry that it is just a wasted 'filler' activity? Here is the solution. 

This is not just any colouring in pack. It features 25 unique, hand drawn colouring pages featuring scenes that reflect real childminding life. Each sheet is carefully designed with lots of things to spot, count and talk about, making 'colouring in''intentful'. 

More Information:

Some children LOVE to colour in but not all colouring pages are created equal. These sheets have been carefully designed to help you increase or reinforce children's vocabulary while they practise their fine motor skills colouring in.

The images contain children and childminders from lots of different backgrounds, giving you an excellent prompt to look for children that 'look like them,' and to talk about diversity.

Each colouring sheet contains lots of carefully included details to spot, count or talk about as they colour.

These pages have feature lots of specially hand-drawn scenes that will be familiar to all childminders. For example, a trip to the beach, meeting a new friend, doing the school run or baking. This means that you can use them as a follow up activity to reinforce things that the children have been learning. 

The sheets are also a nice thing to send home as a follow up activity after you have had an outing to help advertise to parents the wide range of activities you do with the children!

Download this pack and you will always have 'intentful' colouring in sheets ready for those children who just love to colour!


N.B This pack is supplied as a downloadable PDF document. If, once you have downloaded your product, you would prefer a Word version please contact jennifer@kidstogo.co.uk and we will send you one. 

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