15. 50 EYFS Art Projects Pack

15. 50 EYFS Art Projects Pack

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The Kids To Go EYFS Art Project Pack for childminders is a unique combination of 50 pre-school art project templates and guided child EYFS observations. 

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This pack contains 50 low mess art projects with templates.

Each project focuses on one area of the EYFS and has pointers telling you exactly what to look for as the children complete their crafts.

At the front of the pack is a useful contents grid allowing you to quickly and easily pick which craft you would like depending on which area of learning you are concentrating on. The grid also shows you at a glance what you will need to be able to complete the craft. (No expensive materials are required, just what you will already have in your craft box.)

Projects include things like:

Communication and Language based crafts like:

Follow instructions to make a punk

Physical Development based crafts such as:

Use tools to create a circle when doing a Teddy Bears’ picnic craft

Personal, Social and Emotional Development crafts like:

Try new things when making a Secret Picture

Expressive Arts and Design ideas such as:

Combining media to make a Christmas Tree decoration

Literacy Crafts like:

Looking at the sounds words make with a Humpty Dumpty craft

Maths crafts such as:

Make a Height Chart to compare sizes

Understanding the World Crafts like:

Exploring Spring while making a blossom tree


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  • Reviews


    ‘I have been really pleased with the pack I ordered from you - the children loved the activities - counting caterpillar and the shape clown! They have found them fun to do and I have found using them to be a great help, the fact all you need for the activity is on the fact sheet means I can prepare beforehand what I need to have ready is so useful. Having the ages/stages all set out and what to look for in the observations means it’s all set out for me so I can just get on with enjoying doing the activity with the children and not having to look up what I need to be looking for is such a time saver too.’ Thank you, Emma

    ‘I have done a few of the art projects with my children and am finding them really useful, not only as they are, but by using them I am getting a better understanding of how to document activities of my own, which I was really struggling with.’ Alison

    ‘I bought your art project recently and have just got round to looking through everything. Just wanted to let you know how fab it is. I'm absolutely rubbish at arts and crafts, and this will be so much help.’ Thanks, Mayrem