NEW Essential Childminding Paperwork Value Bundle

NEW Essential Childminding Paperwork Value Bundle

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Save 10% when you buy all your Essential Childminding Paperwork at once.

This bundle deal contains thirteen essential childminding resources, supporting you with all your childminding paperwork needs. 

This Welly Wren product also comes with a free update guarantee. If any of the resources in this bundle are ever updated and you are on the Childminding Best Practice Mailing list you are entitled to free updated copies of any products you have purchased. See the frequently asked questions for more information.

This bundle contains:

1) Contracts Policies and Forms Pack:

Having a clear and robust childminding contract and policies is vital to the smooth running of any childminding business and can help prevent unwanted situations and misunderstandings between parent(s)/guardian(s) and childminders.

This pack contains a fully updated contract, complemented and reinforced by specially written policies. Also included are lots of useful forms for you to use in your business as well as information about the sort of paperwork you will need.

There is no need to buy repeated contracts. You can print the contracts in this pack as many times as you need.

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2) The Ultimate Childminding Checklist:

The Ultimate Childminding Checklist is an essential tool for every childminder. Completely updated to meet all the NEW EYFS for childminders 2024 standards.

This resource should be in every childminder’s toolkit. The pack now contains four checklists in one:

  • 89 things you MUST be doing to meet the EYFS requirements Checklist
  • Working With Assistants Checklist
  • Countdown to your Ofsted Inspection Checklist
  • Outstanding Checklist

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3) The Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit:

This kit contains all the tools you need to sum up a child’s development and achievements, right from when a child starts with you, all the way until they leave to go to nursery or school. From ‘All about Me’ forms, starting points, transition and report templates as well as sample reports, tips and of course a gap tracker for when you need it.

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4) 3 in 1 Safeguarding Pack:

This 3 in 1 safeguarding pack for childminders contains three useful tools in one pack. An editable safeguarding policy, 40 multiple choice safeguarding questions and a useful safeguarding audit tool.

  • Resource one: A detailed and fully editable safeguarding and child protection policy for childminders. The policy in this pack is designed to help you create a policy which is tailored exactly to your childminding setting, meeting the requirements of the EYFS and helping you make sure you have everything covered effectively. It comes with clear notes to help you edit your policy.
  • Resource Two: Forty multiple choice safeguarding questions to help you revise your safeguarding knowledge.
  • Resource Three: Safeguarding Audit Tool

Please note: This is NOT a safeguarding training product. In order to fulfil the legal requirements of the EYFS you must attend training which is approved by your local authority

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5) Progress Check Pack

This pack is an essential piece of kit to guide and support you through the whole process of completing the statutory Progress Check. It has been designed and updated to empower you and your families to make the best use of the check. 

The pack contains progress check samples, information and guidance, templates and full guidance on how to complete your progress check at age two.

This pack has been reformatted and updated for the 2024 EYFS

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When you purchase this bundle deal you will receive a link to download the following documents:

  1. Childminding Contract 2024 Word
  2. Childminding Contract 2024 PDF
  3. Childminding Policies 2024 Word
  4. Childminding Policies 2024 PDF
  5. Childminding Forms 2024 Word
  6. Childmindng Forms 2024 PDF
  7. Ultimate Childminding Checklist Word
  8. Ultimate Childmindng Checklist PDF
  9. Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit Word
  10. Super Summative Assessment and Gap Tracker Kit PDF
  11. Safeguarding Pack Intro Word
  12. Safeguarding Pack Intro PDF
  13. Safeguarding Policy Word
  14. Safeguarding Policy PDF
  15. Safeguarding Policy Notes Word
  16. Safeguarding Policy Notes PDF
  17. Multiple Choice Safeguarding Questions Word
  18. Multiple Choice Safeguarding Questions PDF
  19. Safeguarding Audit Tool 2024 Word
  20. Safeguarding Audit Tool 2024 PDF
  21. Progress Check Pak 2024 Word
  22. Progress Check Pack 2024 PDF

PLEASE NOTE: All of these resources are sent out as digital downloads only. I DO NOT send out paper copies by post.

Products are for personal use only. You must not share, sell or redistribute them in any form.