7. Partnership with Parents Pack

7. Partnership with Parents Pack

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An essential tool to help you build and develop your partnership with parents. From help advertising and attracting new families, through to daily communication and letter templates to send to help deal with tricky situations in a professional manner, this pack has everything you need.

More Information:

The pack includes lots of support and information on things that will help you develop and maintain your partnership with parents, including:

1) Tools to help with good communication including:

Informal communication audit: All parents are unique! Audit your setting and examine how well different forms of communication are working with different parents and what can be improved.

Tools and advice for sharing information on learning and development with parents – including challenging subjects like development delays in a tactful way.

Paperwork to support working in partnership with parents. For example a letter to give to new parents about your expectations of working together.

Letter templates for challenging situations – including letter templates for the following situations:

Putting your prices up

Chasing late payments

When parents are consistently late collecting their child

Parents sending in junk food in lunches

Head lice notices and your exclusion periods for various illnesses

Terminating a contract with a problem family

2) Supporting learning at home and involving your parents with your activities, including at your setting.

It is essential that you develop systems to share information with parents about how they can continue to support their child’s learning at home, and this is something that comes up in Ofsted reports on a regular basis.

The pack includes lots of ideas for specific ways you can put this into practice as a childminder, ideas for the sorts of resources you might want to send home, and suggestions for the frequency you may want to do these things.

3) Attracting new parents to your setting and making the first visit go well

Help improving your marketing skills to get new parents to contact you, your unique selling points, WOW factors, and managing the ‘first visit.’

Other templates and resources including:

  • Parent and child questionnaires
  • Retaining your existing parents
  • Daily Communications sheets


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