Guided Self Evaluation

Guided Self Evaluation

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Quick Description:

This pack contains a fully Guided Self-Evaluation workbook with questions and sample answers, Quick Start Questions List, Additional Resources and NEW Focus Questions (for people who are possibly panicking about a looming Ofsted Inspection or simply do not know where to start!)

More Information:

It is essential that you evaluate your practice and setting, reflecting on what you are doing well and thinking about ways you could improve. If you are inspected by Ofsted, you will be expected to be able to:

‘The provider must demonstrate how they will:

evaluate their service and strive for continuous improvement.'

(Early Years Inspection Handbook. 2024)

How the pack works 

This pack contains four main parts:

Self- Evaluation Questions Quick Start Guide

This is a comprehensive list of questions based on the Early Years Inspection Handbook. It makes sure that you think about everything that an Inspector might be considering. It is ideal for people who are confident answering self-evaluation questions and just want a bit of structure and reassurance that they are assessing everything. The questions cover:

Section One: About You and Your Setting, (including tools such as assistants and ratios audits.)

Section Two: Quality of Education

Section Three: Behaviour and Attitudes

Section Four: Personal Development

Section Five: Leadership and Management

Section Six: Overall Effectiveness and Your Expected Ofsted Rating

Guided Self-Evaluation Workbook

This contains all same questions as the Quick Start Guide set out in a workbook. It is designed for people who need more support with self-evaluation or who want to do self-evaluation on a continual basis and want a useful way to record it.

The workbook gives you a more structured approach and takes you through each question step by step. Each question has a sample answer and sections to help you break down your thoughts and consider what you are doing well, things you want to improve and what steps you want to take to get there.

The workbook also contains:

Guidance covering things like how and when to do self-evaluation.

Tips on using the workbook in an efficient way that works for you.

The most useful questions to consider marked as ‘Focus Point’ questions.

Helpful additional tools such as blank question sheets.

Action plan sheet for you to record the most important next steps you wish to take to improve your setting.

Focus Point Questions

“Help, I’ve not done any self-evaluation and my inspection is really soon!”

Don’t panic. This document contains all the Focus Point questions from the Self-Evaluation Workbook. Work through these questions first to get you started and then any others from the workbook are a bonus. You’ve got this!

Additional Resources

This document contains lots of useful audit resources to help you evaluate things like your resources and the activities you provide. It also contains questionnaire to share with parents to gain their feedback.

N.B This pack is supplied as a downloadable PDF document. If, once you have downloaded your product, you would prefer a Word version please contact and we will send you one.

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    ‘I used your SEF guide for my last inspection, and I am certain it helped me to get my Outstanding grade. I really had no idea where to start with my SEF and your guide really helped me to write my own personal to my setting.’ Sally 

    ‘This has been a great pack for me to work through - going into my first OFSTED inspection a with much more confidence!! It really helped me get prepared.’ Claire 

    ‘I achieved an Outstanding grade on my very first inspection! The pack was excellent, and it definitely contributed to my success so thank you.’ Hayley

    ‘I had my inspection yesterday and she couldn't praise my SEF enough. I used your model answers as inspiration.’ Jill

    ‘Fantastic and in plain English.’  Sharon.

    ‘Your SEF gave me inspiration, not only of what to write, but also an idea of what good practice should be.’ Liz

    ‘The model answers are a great idea and give a good starting point.’ Thanks, Jane

    ‘The SEF pack is amazing. I have the best SEF ever after purchasing it!’ Sarah

    ‘Thanks to the SEF model answers I have now completed my SEF. Thanks for this great service, I feel it is money well spent.’ Alison

    ‘Just to say a BIG THANKS because I got an OUTSANDING at my Ofsted Inspection this week and the Inspector particularly praised the thoroughness of my self-evaluation form.’ Caroline